Thursday, December 6, 2007

Some Useful Information/URL's by hciidc Group.

Web Application Patterns

Color Scheme

some of the

Universities which offer HCI courses in US are:
Carnegie Mellon
Georgia Tech
Michigan, Ann Arbor
Indiana Bloomington
Maryland, College Park
Virginia Tech

Cool Links

on Font sizes and conversions:
Changing font size on the fly by detecting the resolution:

Discussion on setting font sizes in browsers:

Some CSS pointers:

Wireframe Creation & Interactive Prototyping tool
While searching for interactive prototyping tool on the net, I came accross Axure RP Pro 4.0. I found it very simple, quick & easy to use. Some advantages I have figured out are... 1. Builds Interactive Prototype in HTML format.2. Easy to draw and add interactivity to wireframes.3. Exports detailed Functional specifications as .DocOn the other hand, if compared with Visio, it has a very tiny stencil or library and we can not add elements to it as we go on using it. But if we invest little time initially then richer & re-usable library items can be created.You can download trial version of the tool from

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